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   The authority of The Nobel Sustainability Trust (NST), with the participation of the NPJSC "SALUS" and IINC, officially announced the establishment of one of the NST annual International Prize "for technology solutions that promote to the sustainable development of mankind" at the press-conference in the framework of Nobel Congress - XI International Meeting-Conference for Nobel Prizes Winners and nobelists "Science, Technology, Society and the International Nobel Movement" that took place in Tambov (Russia) since 24 till 28 October 2017.

   NPJSC "SALUS" and IINC decided to significantly develop and expand the idea of NST and to establish its own series of annual international rewards "for technology solutions that promote to the sustainable development of mankind" (hereinafter referred to as "Rewards"). This new approach based on synergies between business and science, will allow for a qualitative selection of technological solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of humankind, with the study and the unification of international practices, for the subsequent implementation of the nominated technology and their maintenance up to run in batch production and establish purchasing and supply chains. The infrastructure of "SALUS" and IINC companies are able to implement this task, as well as to accelerate the transfer of research technology on an international scale with the protection of intellectual property rights.

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