Nobelistic Sites

For a long time International Information Nobel Centre (IINC) created in Tambov was engaged in accumulation analysis, and processing of information connected with the laureates of Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature, peace, and economics. Most difficulty had always had the process of formation of documented-informational flow (DIF) since it realized by means of daily monitoring of book-brochure and journal-newspaper files that is creating in all countries of the planet in different languages. IINC fund (Nobel Scientific Library, Museum and Archive of A.Nobel and Nobel Prize Laureates) is replenished mainly via postal communications by international efforts of the Center collaborators, nobelists, Nobel laureates, their colleagues, and many other scientists and specialists. IINC bank of data and knowledge (23 data and knowledge bases) does mainly consist of second information that was created at processing of primary DIF. In general, origin and development of new scientific and information-technological direction – nobelistics – fulfilled on the basis of paper DIF although with the help of computers.

For the last ten years the situation was sharply changed. Nobelistic information so roughly fills the world’s informational nets as since 1999 it may affirm the presence of nobelistics in the Internet.

1. General Problems of Nobelistics (the most interesting site in the Internet, concerning Nobel Prize Laureates)

2. Life and Activity of Alfred Nobel (the page of the site of Karlskoga Commune, dedicating the Nobel Museum in Bjorkborn, with the map of the museum and the short description of the rooms)

3. Nobel’s Will, Nobel Prizes (Nobel topic and the philately)

4. Nobel Prize Laureates (Peace prizes and other information from Norwegian Nobel Institute) (laureates-writers making Spanish, and the corresponding web-references) (the list of the laureates in Physiology or Medicine) (the laureates from Harvard Medical School) (the laureates in Physiology or Medicine, delivering lectures in Karolinska Institute) (the laureates from Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas) (complicated interrelations of some laureates with school – the site of upholder of self-education idea)

5. Nobel Conferences (the conferences of Nobel Prize Winners, holding from 1951 anniversarily) (the conference of Nobel Peace Prize, which the Institute for Asian Democracy holds) (Peace Prize Forum – forum-dialog dedicating the Peace Prize and the struggle for peace, and organized by the number of Norwegian colleges in collaboration with Norwegian Nobel Committee)

6. Nobelistics on Russian (the site of Joseph Brodsky) (Russian Nobel laureates) (this site)