Vjacheslav Mikhailovich Tyutyunnik. Born in October 4, 1949 in Kupyansk, Kharkov district. Finished Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering (1972), worked there as engineer, junior and senior research assistant (1972-1980), further did in Tambov State Culture Institute (1980-1995) as head of informatics department (1983-1995). In 1995-2003 he was in charge of a department of information systems in G.R.Derzhavin Tambov State University (TSU). Since 1997 – a director of Tambov Branch Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

PhD in Chemistry (D.I.Mendeleev Moscow Chemical-Engineering Institute, 1977), Doctor of Science (All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technique Information, 1998), Professor of Informatics (1992). Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1996, a member of presidium since 2002), of the New-York Academy of Sciences (1997), of the International Academy of Sciences, Technologies, Education and Arts (USA, 1999), of the London Diplomatic Academy (Great Britain, 2004). A member of the International Association of Survay Statisticians (France,1983), of the International Union on Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC (Great Britain, 2004), of the International Association of Scientometrics and Informetrics (Germany, 2001), as well as of many other native and foreign scientific associations. A member of the editional board of “The journal of D.I.Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society” (Moscow, since 2001), editor-in-chief of periodical collection of scientific works “Informational systems and processes” (Tambov, Moscow, St.Peterburg, Baku, Wein – publishing house “Nobelistics”, since 2003). A member of Special Dissertation Doctor Board D212.261.02 at the specialization 05.17.03 – Technology of Electrochemical Processes and Corrosion Prevention at TSU (since 2001), vice-president of Special Dissertation Doctor Board D212.260.05 at the specialization 05.25.05 – Informational Systems and Processes, Legal Aspects of Informatics at TSTU (since 2004).

The specialist in the field of theoretical informatics, science-of-science, nobelistics; the author of more than 650 proceedings. Developed and investigated the heat-stable chemically active polymers. Created and patented the series of installations for measuring physical-chemical characteristics of gases and liquids. Brought the essential contribution in improving library-museum-archive-information technology. Beginning with the seventieth, he carries out investigationsin the field of the heritage of A.Nobel, of scientific value of discoveries honored with the Nobel Prizes; he is the author of unique issues on nobelistics, the organizer of nine international conferences in this field (all – in Tambov, 1989-2010), eight international conferences in informatics and science-of-science (all – in Tambov, 1983-2001). In the beginning of ninetieth he established a new scientific direction at the interface of informatics and science-of-science – nobelistics obtained the international recognition to the end of the age. He developed the theory and technology of nobelistics, and compiled the first digitalized databases on more than 20 its basic directions.

The establisher and president of onliest International Information Nobel Centre (IINC, since 1989) with a unique Nobel Scientific Library, Museum and Archive of the Nobel Dynasty, Nobel Prize Laureates, and publishing house “Nobelistics”. The chairman of Tambov regional department on nobelistics RANS (since 1996, a member of presidium since 2002). The participant of congresses of Nobel Laureates in Sweden, Germany, Norway and other countries.

Honored with V.Nernst’s Medal of Portuguese electro-chemical association (1991), Silver Medal of Peter the Great with diploma “For the merits in revival of science and economics of Russia” (1997), Golden Medal of Nobel Prize Laureates Club “For the outstanding distribution in the benefit of the mankind” (USA, 2000), Golden Order of the first degree “Reason. Virtue. Credit” (highest reward of RANS) with diploma and honorary degree “Cavalier of Science and Arts” (2000), Silver Medal “RANS – 10 years”, Order of “Golden Eagle” RANS (2006) and other. The International Man of the Year (Great Britain, annually since 1993), The Man of the Year (USA, annually since 1996) and other. The holder of the grant of the Nobel Foundation (Stockholm, 1991), of the prize for the best scientific work of Ministry of Culture RF (1989, 1992), of the J.Soros’ prize (1993), of the RFFI grants (2000, 2004), of the prize of Highest Dignity of United Cultural Convention (USA, 2002). Since 1993 his biography is published in biggest international encyclopedia “Who’s Who in the World” (USA), as well as in many Russian issues.

Publications (only books): Chemists – Laureates of Lenin’s Prize (M., 1978); Atom’s Biography (Sofia, 1983; M., 1984, 1985); Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes (Tambov, 1998, 1991); Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry (Tambov, 1989, 1990); Golden Medals and Name Prizes of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Tambov, 1988); Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature (Tambov, 1991); 100 Programs on Basic (Tambov, 1991); Information Scientists and Science Theorists (Tambov, 1991); Nobelistics: Information-Retrieval Thesaurus (Tambov, 1995); Elements of Scientific Research (Tambov, 1997); Informatics and Science-of-Science (Tambov, 1998); Nobelistics, Science-of-Science, Informatics (Tambov, 1998); Nobel Prize Laureates 1990-2001 (Tambov 2001, 2002); Nobelistics at the Turn of XXI age (Tambov, 2001); Science, Thechnique, Society, and Nobel Movement in the Third Millenium (Tambov, M., 2002); Optimal Control in Economics (Tambov, 2002); Science-of-Science, Scientometry, and Their Derivates: Methods of Quantity Estimation of Scientific Activity (Tambov, 2002); Solution of Engineering and Economical Problems on C++ Language (Tambov, 2003); System Analysis in Information Technologies (Tambov, 2003); Information Systems and Processes (Tambov, 2003-2007); Nobel Prize Laureates 1990-2004 (Tambov, 2004); Special Sections of Control Theory (Tambov, 2004); Fractal Analysis and Processes in Computer Nets (Tambov, 2004); Nobel Prize Laureates 2005 (Tambov, 2005); Nobel Prize Laureates 2006 (Tambov, 2006); Nobel Laureates and Medical Technique (Tambov, 2006).