Nobel Meetings, Conferences, Symposia, and Congresses

The 20th Anniversary of
The International Information Nobel Centre

Announcement No.1

The International Information Nobel Centre, Ltd. (IINC, Russia),
RANS Tambov Regional Department on Nobelistics (Russia),
The New York Academy of Sciences, The American Biographical Institute (USA),
The International Biographical Centre (GB),
Tambov State Technical University,
Tambov Branch of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts

International Congress
(The Ninth International Meeting-Conference
of the Nobel Prize Winners and Nobelists)
September 27-29, 2010, Tambov, Russia

Russian and foreign scientists and specialists, nobelists, the representatives of the Nobel Family Society, of the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies to Russia, of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, international organizations, tutors of the Universities, students, the employees of IINC, libraries, museums and archives, the representatives of Nobel’s firms, writers and journalists, collectors and other people will take part in the International Congress.

The Nobel Prize Laureates, their relatives and colleagues will give scientific and popular lectures, hold press conferences and meetings.

The participants of the Congress can present articles, reports, abstracts, short notes for the publication, as well as materials on Nobelistics (books, booklets, magazine and newspaper articles, original documents or their copies, the collections of photographs, stamps, coins, etc.) for exhibition or attend the Congress without any reports.

The main topics: A.Nobel’s and his relatives’ life and activity, the Nobel Prizes, The Nobel Foundation and Nobel Committees, Nobel’s firms, the Nobel Prize Winners’ life and activity, the analysis of laureates’ works and the development of their ideas, the Nobel movement, the Nobel actions in the world, bioscientometrics and biobibliometrics of the Nobel information, and other aspects of Nobelistics.

The requirements for the design of materials for the publication in the Collection: volume – from several lines up to one printed sheet (40000 letters); format A5 (all margins 20 mm), without any hyphens; structure: title, names of authors, institutions, post address, telephones, E-mail, the text itself; tables, figures, photos must be inserted into the text or presented in separate files; references are at the end of text. Official languages – Russian, English, German, French.

Deadline for publications – May 30, 2010.

Please correspond with the Organization Committee and send materials for the publication by E-mail.

The Congress will be opened with the grand meeting at which the acquaintance of participants, the presentation of diplomas and prizes, speeches will take place. The program includes conferences in the Nobel Scientific Library, acquaintance with the Museum and Archives of the Nobel Family and Nobel Prize Winners, the exhibition-selling of the books of the “Nobelistics” Publishing House, cultural arrangements.

The Organization Committee address:
IINC, 3 Montazhnikov Street, Tambov, 392680, Russia.
Telephones: +7-4752-504600 (fax); +7-4752-504603 (fax); +7-4752-504605.
Professor V.M.Tyutyunnik,
Organization Committee Chairman